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Key 5G Use Cases and Requirements

This new white paper includes multiple manufacturing and control use cases and requirements, based 3GPP’s 5G specifications. Requirements with regard to 5G services and 5G performance are defined by...

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Security Aspects of 5G for Industrial Networks

This white paper concentrates on the security needs of industrial networks. Drawing on the use cases and network deployment models already developed within 5G-ACIA and other organizations, the paper...

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Welcome to 5G-ACIA


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5G Non-Public Networks for Industrial Scenarios (White Paper)

This paper describes four industrial (IIoT) deployment scenarios for 3GPP-defined 5G non-public networks. The paper also considers key aspects, in particular service attributes that can help to...

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5G for Automation in Industry (White Paper)

This white paper examines how the 3GPP-defined 5G architecture will impact industry, in particular process and discrete manufacturing. It describes the most relevant use cases, and the corresponding...

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5G for Connected Industries and Automation (White Paper -Second Edition)

In this second edition of our 5G-ACIA White Paper, we provide an overview of 5G’s basic potential for connected industries, in particular the manufacturing and process industries, and outline...

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