Global collaboration for the realisation of 5G enabled smart factory services


- MoU ceremony for a collaboration between the 5G Forum Korea and 5G-ACIA
- Implementation of a collaboration for 5G enabled smart factory technology
- Concrete actions will be taken in 2020-2021 to accelerate the collaboration



Frankfurt, 4th May 2020.
The 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) and the 5G-Forum signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate for the deployment and spread of smart factories and to build an ecosystem for such factories.

An official ceremony was held for the MoU signature in December 2019 where the 5G Forum, represented by Chairman Oh Seong-Mok and the Chairman of the Executive Committee Kim Dong-Gu and 5G-ACIA, represented by the Vice Chairman Dr. Afif Osseiran (Ericsson).

This MoU contains specific plans of action regarding sharing issues involving 5G enabled smart factories both in Korea and abroad that were mutually agreed upon at the workshop co-hosted by the 5G Forum and 5G-ACIA in March 2019. The 5G Forum relatively newly formed the Smart Factory Committee (July 2018) to secure competitiveness for 5G enabled smart factories and discussed a 5G smart factory related strategy by gathering opinions from those in the industry.

Concrete actions will be taken the second of half of 2020 and in 2021 to accelerate the collaboration between 5G-ACIA and the 5G Forum Korea once the pandemic COVID-19 has been globally contained. The agreed cooperation covers the following:

According to the 5G Forum's Smart Factory Committee Chairman, Professor Kim Seong-Lyun: “Communication between 5G businesses and manufacturing businesses is paramount for the rapid spread of 5G enabled smart factories. Through such communication, barriers among industries can be lowered. Once we have got past that step, the technology, standardisation, services and business models, industry development and laws and institutions will be implemented naturally”.

The 5G-ACIA Vice Chair Dr. Afif Osseiran complemented: “Korea is an important powerhouse for 5G in the industrial domain, the country has a strong footprint in manufacturing, esp. in areas such as shipbuilding, car-making and the chemical industry. 30 per cent of Korea’s GDP is generated by manufacturing and the country is in many ways a laboratory for innovative technologies in this space.”

The 5G Vertical Summit 2019 event, which took place at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul on the 3rd and 4th of December, was sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and hosted by the 5G Forum and several cooperation partners.
At the 5G Vertical Summit 2019 there was a session for 5G Smart Factories that included presentations on the status of smart factories among telecommunications companies and manufacturing companies in Korea and the status of smart factory preparation, business and standardisation in Europe. The 5G-ACIA Vice Chair participated on the event with several contributions.

About the 5G Forum:
The 5G Forum in Korea provides an open platform where diverse participants of the industry can join various areas of 5G R&D and collaboration; and makes commitments to bring the 4th Industrial Revolution closer to reality. The 5G Forum aims to become the leading force in Korea in the development of next-generation communications technology and contribute to the momentum of economic growth through the development of ICT industry in Korea by actively supporting the small businesses and start-up culture, which would consequently promote the realization of the creative idea.