Our Vision and Mission

5G-ACIA ensures the best possible applicability of 5G technology and 5G networks for the manufacturing and process industries by addressing, discussing and evaluating relevant technical, regulatory and business aspects.

One of the main differences of 5G compared to previous generations of mobile networks is its strong focus on machine-type communication and the IoT. As has been outlined before, this paves the way for numerous new use cases and applications in many different vertical domains, including automotive, healthcare, agriculture, energy, and, in particular, industrial manufacturing and production. In order to make sure that the specific needs and requirements of a particular vertical industry are adequately understood and considered by the telecom industry and, likewise, the capabilities of 5G are fully realized and exploited by the vertical industries, a close collaboration is required. Only when all relevant players of the emerging new ecosystem join forces, the full potential of 5G can be realized. This is particularly relevant for the industrial domain, which is characterized by a large number of potential use cases with potentially highly demanding and versatile requirements and specific general conditions. However, since the industrial domain is only one out of many new potential application areas of 5G, it is even more important to give it a strong voice in the relevant communities and organizations.