Working Groups

WG 1: Use cases and requirements
Discusses potential use cases and requirements and defines a common body of terminology.

Chair: Michael Bahr (Siemens)
Deputy Chair: Xueli An (Huawei)

WG 2: Spectrum and operating models
Identifies and articulate specific spectrum needs of industrial 5G networks and explores new operator models, for example for operating private or neutral host 5G networks within a plant or factory.

Chair: José Prats (Bosch)
Deputy Chair: Michael Färber (Intel)

WG 3: Architecture and technology

Considers the overall architecture of future 5G-enabled industrial connectivity infrastructures. This includes integration concepts and migration paths, the evaluation of key technologies emerging from 5G standardization bodies.

Chair: Kurt Essigmann (Ericsson)
Deputy Chair: Atte Länsisalmi (Nokia)

WG 4: Liaison and dissemination
Takes care of the interaction with other initiatives and organizations by establishing liaison activities and initiating suitable promotional measures.

Chair: Dr. Andreas Müller (Bosch)
Deputy Chair: Uwe Rüddenklau (Infineon)

WG 5: Validation and tests
Deals with the final validation of 5G for industrial applications. This includes the initiation of interoperability tests, larger trials, and potentially dedicated certification procedures.

Chair: Dr. Lutz Rauchhaupt (ifak)
Deputy Chair: Arne Neumann (inIT)

Horizontal topics, such as safety, security, and pre-consensus for standardization, are covered by all working groups. Approved results serve as a basis for a 5G-ACIA White Paper.

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