5G-ACIA discusses and decides on different levels:

The 5G-ACIA Board is composed of a certain number of high-level representatives from the member organizations. They discuss on 5G-ACIA’s work strategy, decide in case of disputes, and advise 5G-ACIA’s organizational bodies. The Board meet on a regular basis.

General Assembly
The 5G-ACIA General Assembly meets once a year. Among other responsibilities, it elects the 5G-ACIA Chair, the 5G-ACIA Deputy Chair, the 5G-ACIA Board, and the Chairs of the working groups. In addition, it approves the 5G-ACIA budget.

The 5G-ACIA Plenary is constituted by representatives from the member companies. They meet every 2-3 months to discuss and decide on the ongoing work.

5G-ACIA is chaired by:

  • Chairman: Dr. Andreas Müller (Bosch)
  • Deputy Chairman: Dr. Afif Osseiran (Ericsson)