5G-ACIA: Our Working Structure

The activities of the 5G-ACIA are currently structured in five different working groups (WGs). WG 1 discusses potential use cases and requirements and defines a common body of terminology. WG 2 identifies and articulates the specific spectrum needs of industrial 5G networks and explores new operator models, for example for operating private or neutral host 5G networks within a plant or factory.

The overall architecture of future 5G-enabled industrial connectivity infrastructures is considered in WG 3, which also includes possible integration concepts and migration paths, together with the evaluation of key technologies emerging from 5G standardization bodies.  WG 4 takes care of interaction with other initiatives and organizations by establishing liaison activities and initiating suitable promotional measures.

Finally, WG 5 deals with the final validation of 5G for industrial applications, which includes the initiation of interoperability tests, larger trials, and potentially  dedicated certification procedures. Horizontal topics, such as safety and security, along with pre-consensus building for relevant standardization activities, will be covered in some form or other by all working groups.